Corporate Culture

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       Business philosophy: To the quality of survival, reputation and development.

       Enterprise tenet:Customer first, win credibility, excellent quality, service quality.

       Enterprise faith:Sincere service and excellence in product quality assurance for the majority of new and old customers!

       Team spirit:I rely on the survival of enterprises, enterprises rely on my development; I try to, for our profit enterprises.

       Enterprise style:Truth-seeking, pragmatic, hard-working, efficient.

       Enterprise spirit:Love factory, dedication, pioneering, enterprising.

       Professional ethics:Customer first, service first.

       Corporate image:According to the law, management science, business civilization, style, excellent quality, excellent service, excellent quality, exquisite technology, innovation. 

       Quality policy:Advanced technology, management science, engineering, product quality, integrity and Connaught, service in place.

       Enterprise value:Never satisfied, striving for excellence, self-improvement, continuous development.

       Enterprise environment:Internal harmony, all in unison partnership; external relations smooth, from all sides to help me develop.