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D51Y-1200E ring grinding machine

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D51 series of ring rolling machine (reaming machine) performance characteristics:

1: the whole machine is novel, the body is welded steel structure, light and beautiful, good rigidity.

2: the design of the machine is scientific and reasonable, especially the innovation and improvement of the structure distribution of the spindle bearing.
3: the upper support slider section is rectangular, good rigidity. The length of the slide guide rail is increased to 5-6 times of the stroke of the slider.
4: the main parts of the machine tool are made of cast steel or high quality alloy steel.
5: under the support bearing seal, can work in a more severe environment.
6: with the international standard Yx sealing ring, cylinder resistance is small, reliable sealing performance, good wear resistance.
7: the rolling wheel adopts the inner conical ring to fix, the positioning precision is high, the roller wheel is easy to disassemble and replace.
8: fine grinding machine using synchronous transmission, smooth and lightweight, adjustable range.

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