Lifting Suction Cup 600 kg

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Lifting Suction Cup 600 kg


Lifting Suction Cup 600 kg

Product description:

QX series magnetic jack in the shipyard, structural parts factory, warehouse, workshop, etc and all kinds of lifting equipment for use in the suction plate of ferromagnetic material or workpiece can be used for absorbing steel, steel ingot, and can be used for absorbing steel scrap and scrap iron, single station you can use, but also the workpiece of ferromagnetic material multiple suction large and long.

This product has a compact structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, strong absorption characteristics of Bentley, help to improve the loading and unloading operation working conditions, improve the labor productivity, so in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industry, has been widely used as a lifting tool.

Performance characteristics of the machine:

1, strong suction, safe and reliable, compact, easy to operate.

2, the permanent magnet demagnetization, manufacturing, never without electricity.

3. The design of high performance magnetic balance, to ensure the safety of higher, strong magnetic force.

  Main Technical Parameters           

Rated lifting Weight(kg)


Test Max Pull
Off Force(kg)
Net Weight